1. Can I change the product after I have placed an order?
That’s not possible. You can cancel the order within one hour of placing the order.

2. Can I modify my order after placing it?
No. You cannot make any changes to the design after placing the order. We understand that in cases, you may want to alter the quantity of a product in your placed order. You may even require having your shipping address updated. These changes are allowed till we have begun processing your order. For such requests, please get in touch with Customer Care immediately along with your order number.

3. When will I receive my refund for a cancelled order?
We shall process your refund in the form of vouchers which can be used next time when you make any purchase on our website. The voucher will be emailed to you immediately once your order has been cancelled. The refund voucher will be valid for 3 months.
If I return a product on my own do I get back the shipping charges?
We will refund you a flat Rs 100 against the courier charges. Refunds for courier charges are always in the mode of Graphibiz vouchers which can be redeemed on your future purchase.

4. Why my order was undelivered and returned to warehouse?
Your order was undelivered and Returned to Origin due to any of the following reasons- Non-Serviceable Location / Incomplete Address / Wrong Pin Code / Consignee not available / Army area. In this case, you will not receive any refund; however, we will re-ship your order.

5. What if my order is undelivered?
If your product remains undelivered, you can register your complain with our Customer Support Team within 30 days from the Date of Shipment. However, if you fail to register a complaint within 30 days for the non-delivery of your order then Graphibiz.com will not be responsible for it and will not make any refund credits to your account.

For any other queries, all you need is to drop a call at (+91) 172 6540 418 or you can also drop an email at support@graphibiz.com

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