Swivel Card: with this card do you intelligently impressed!

swivel cardswivelcard-1Business cards are not only very useful to exchange information, they give one the impression that you are serious about your profession. Swivel Card is a smart way to add an interactive element to your business cards. Tickets are anyway very striking and have a USB component that your potential clients can show your work.

USB swivel cardThe USB portion of the Swivel Card is nothing more than a URL. The genius is that you can redirect the URL on the card with the supplied software which site you want! Think of your online portfolio of your company website, a Dropbox account to share media, your Sound Cloud where you keep your best mix-tapes; quite convenient and clever!

Smart is that you each Swivel Card can redirect separately, depending on who you are giving. The software also gives you insight into how (and where!) Your card is used and by whom.

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